Teradata Certification

The current version of Teradata Certification exams is V2R5. It will phase into retirement in Q4-2009 after the Teradata 12 Certification Track is launched. All Teradata V2R5 Certifications achieved will remain valid and will not expire, but cannot be combined with exams in another track. To certify in the new track, a candidate must pass required exams and complete all criteria for Teradata 12 Certification levels.


There are two Special Certifications:

Advanced Teradata Certified Professional V2R5 certification is automatically awarded to candidates who pass the three baseline exams to achieve the first three Teradata certification levels:
- Teradata Certified Professional V2R5,
- Teradata Certified Implementation Specialist V2R5,
- Teradata Certified SQL Specialist V2R5. 

Teradata Certified Master V2R5 certification is is automatically awarded to candidates who have passed all six Teradata V2R5 exams to achieve the three baseline certifications and the Advanced Teradata Certified Professional V2R5 certification, plus the three role based certifications:
- Teradata Certified Administrator V2R5,
- Teradata Certified Design Architect V2R5,
- Teradata Certified Application Developer V2R5.