Teradata Certified Application Developer V2R5

Candidates must pass:
Exam NR0-011: Teradata Basics V2R5
Exam NR0-013: Teradata SQL V2R5
Exam NR0-016: Application Development V2R5

Exam NR0-016: Application Development V2R5 consist of 65 questions. Time allowed for the exam is 90 minutes. Here are some example questions and answers:

Which two utilities can you use to export data for a report using RECORD mode from the Teradata database? (Choose two)
B - FastExport
C - Teradata SQL Assistant
D - TPump

Correct: A,B

Which three periodic summaries assist with capacity planning? (Choose three)
A - number of materialized tables
B - spool usage
C - table growth
D - user logons and logoffs

Correct: B,C,D

What does the Statistics Wizard do? (Choose three)
A - allows you to schedule statistics collection
B - makes recommendations based on table demographics
C - allows importing of workload from other Teradata utilities
D - allows for "what-if" analysis

Correct: A,B,C

The passing score for the exam is 482 out of a possible maximum score of 800.

Teradata Certification