What is Business Intelligence?

Business Ingelligence (BI) - technology infrastructure for gaining maximum information from available data for the purpose of improving business processes. Typical BI infrastructure components are as follows: software solution for gathering, cleansing, integrating, analyzing and sharing data. Business Intelligence produces analysis and provides believable information to help making effective and high quality business decisions. 

The most common kinds of Business Intelligence systems are: 

  • EIS - Executive Information Systems
  • DSS - Decision Support Systems
  • MIS - Management Information Systems
  • GIS - Geographic Information Systems
  • OLAP - Online Analytical Processing and multidimensional analysis
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Business Intelligence systems based on Data Warehouse technology. A Data Warehouse(DW) gathers information from a wide range of company's operational systems, Business Intelligence systems based on it. Data loaded to DW is usually good integrated and cleaned that allows to produce credible information which reflected so called 'one version of the true'.