Teradata Certified Implementation Specialist V2R5

Candidates must pass:
Exam NR0-011: Teradata Basics V2R5
Exam NR0-012: Physical Implementation V2R5

Exam NR0-012: Physical Implementation V2R5 consist of 60 questions. Time allowed for the exam is 75 minutes. Here are some example questions and answers:

Collected statistics on a Teradata table allows the Optimizer to predict which two factors? (Choose two)
A - the AMP to send data to
B - the number of occurrences of a value
C - the size of spool files
D - the PE that will be assigned to the process

Correct: B,C

Use of the SQL option: locking row nowait enables which action by the system?
A - abort requesting task on a wait
B - abort holding lock task on a wait
C - downgrade to an access lock
D - immediate access to the row

Correct: A

What happens to a submitted query when a deadlock occurs?
A - Dispatcher identifies which query to hold and waits for completion of deadlock query.
B - Youngest query is aborted.
C - Query waits for deadlock to resolve.
D - Oldest query is aborted.

Correct: B

The passing score for the exam is 540 out of a possible maximum score of 800.

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