Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools 2008

Data quality is one of the main factors which influence making good decisions based on various BI tools. Having even the newest and the most sophisticated reporting tools but 'dirty data' we can come to conclusions which could be partly or whole untrue. So the main task of Data quality tools is to work as a process which inputs data from any source, in any condition (e.g. from third party or custom applications, eCommerce or Web service platforms, ETL tools or legacy systems, records may be jumbled, the fields inconsistent, the values misplaced) and outputs clean, standardized and actionable data. It's data you can use with confidence. For those reasons BI vendors often have in their all-in-one products tools for data governance and data quality management.

Data quality tools generally fall into one of three categories:

  • auditing
  • cleansing
  • migration

Within the leaders of that market we have: Business Objects, DataFlux, IBM, Trillium Software or Informatica. In the picture below we can find the full data quality tools market overview prepared by world's leading information technology research and advisory company - Gartner. A yellow dot shows the 2007 position and an orange dot 2008 position, whereas a green line between them shows the change: