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QlikView is the in-memory leader and the fastest spreading Business Intelligence platform in the world. QlikView is leading a new class of easy-to-use, fast and flexible business analysis solutions that empower individuals to improve organizational performance and drive innovation. QlikView utilizes next generation patented in-memory association technology to make sophisticated analysis and reporting dramatically easier to deploy, use, and maintain. 
QlikView makes it simple to deploy powerful analysis. QlikView takes advantage of 64-bit multi-core hardware platforms to allow thousands of users to access even billions of records of data. The QlikView in-memory data model allows an integrated view of information through dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and reports all from a single tool.

QlikView 8

Products included in QlikView Business Intelligence platform:

- QlikView Enterprise/Professional
- QlikView Publisher
- QlikView Server
- QlikView AccessPoint
- QlikView Analyzer

Business Intelligence Platforms