July 10th Blog Roundup

Hello again! 

Here's a link roundup for this week. 
Check out the items below to grab some great reading (and watching!) about the best in tech!

  • Intercom to Salesforce Tutorial [VIDEO]: Check out this video for how to validate a data package and set up a schedule for new data to upload from Intercom into Salesforce on a regular basis.
  • Hidden Treasure in the Inbox: An Xforce Seminar [VIDEO]: Another video! This one's an in-depth discussion and demo showcasing the strategic advantage of linking external email data with Salesforce from Gal Steinberg, VP Partnerships & Alliances at Revenue Grid. 
  • Marketing Cloud Limitations (and Ways Around Them) [VIDEO]: If you're new to Marketing Cloud and want to know about possible limitations ahead of time, this seminar from Cyril Louis, Head of Salesforce Practice, Globaz SA, provides several workarounds for common issues that users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud might have noticed. 
  • When to Use REST vs. SOAP with Examples: Here's an article that goes into the respective use cases and examples for REST and SOAP. 
  • The Most Popular Python Web Frameworks in 2020: There's a bunch of options when it comes to Python web frameworks; check out this overview to see the different kinds of frameworks, and which is right for you. 
  • The Psychology of UX Writing: Check out this great read on this intersection of disciplines, which covers some of the most applicable psychology principles for better UX writing. 
  • 5 Best API Documentation Tools: This article explores why API documentation is necessary and goes into five of the best options currently available and how they might suit your business.
  • How to Create a Python Stack: This tutorial covers the three different ways of implementing stacks using Python, the nuts and bolts of each approach, and the different situations in which each of them would make the right choice for your application.
  • Spark vs. Tez: What's the Difference?: Here's a comparison article for that covers the key differences, as well as whether they support Hive and Pig, etc. 
  • Understanding SOAP Security: This article explains SOAP security, examine common risks and help you follow the best practices that can protect you from data breaches and security problems. 
  • How to Get Data from Multiple Sources: Check out this article to learn how to get information from multiple sources in a business IT environment so you can have an overall view into your data assets. 
  • In-House ETL vs Xplenty: Comparison & Overview: This guide covers the differences between in-house ETL and Xplenty, so you can decide which data integration strategy is best for your needs.

We hope you find these useful! 

Have a good weekend!